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Designer’s Note: “What courage means to me” by Vandna K.

Courage for me means a lot of things. But as a woman who wears many hats- of a mom, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a wife and a sister, what makes me truly brave is my peace with failure.

Failure has held up my resilience, patience, and the urge to always keep doing better. Any entrepreneur, or a professional for that matter has faced a setback or two in their lives, to say the least. Safe to say, my own journey hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. It hasn’t just been a walk on a rose bed, for with roses come its thorns. And they always did. But always braving these setbacks is what truly makes one courageous.

I started my journey when I went to fashion school at the age of 21. That was a tough road for me to take considering my family wasn’t entirely on board with my decision. Deciding to quit my studies to become a teacher, which for many parents seemed like a safe choice for their daughter to get into, I knew I couldn’t have led that life for myself. My creativity defined who I was and I had to figure out a way to hone that. So, one day I decided to skip my final B.Ed. exam and take a bus straight back home. With an urge to follow my dreams and passion, I fought my way into a fashion school. At the age of 21, I couldn’t possibly have known whether it was the most sound decision, for it was entirely a life altering one. But I listened to my heart and followed it, and I thank my courage then to have led me down that path, which started this creatively driven journey of a lifetime for me.

This was only the first of many, many hinderances to come. But I knew with enough faith and spirit, I could face it all. In a saturated market like fashion, challenges are at constant disposal.

When I graduated from fashion school, I decided to start off with teaching basic skills like stitching and designing to young students as an attempt to save up enough to open my own store, a service I could call my own. Leading from there, I moved from Delhi to Gurgaon after my marriage and stepped into a completely new market with a new outlook altogether. That’s when I started my journey in this beautiful city, which I have called home for over 25 years.

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to see how certain people have stuck with me and with my brand since Day 1. My importance for customer loyalty has always paid off and I have been able to keep loyal clients for over two decades. Be it old or new, every single client makes the brand what it is today. They have made me who I am. I derive great pleasure in serving them the best I can, for they eventually become family. They not only keep my business afloat, but also always keep me striving for my passion and love for clothing and designing. Nothing gives me more happiness than that.

For all the courageous women out there, the bravest thing to do is never to doubt yourself, to believe in yourself and treat failure as an old friend! 




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