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An Homage to Merak: A collection that reminded us to always keep it fun and light!

Merak (n.) 
Me·​rak | \ ˈmir-ˌak
a blue star of the second magnitude that is seen in the constellation Ursa Major.
The days are longer, the nights shorter. The bloom of summer is in full force and the gloom of winter
is long gone. Work days in front of a desk seem just as long though. We are no different. Through
the hustle of the daily, we forget to keep things light. Fun is the essence of Ranng and in an attempt
to not only feel it, but to remind us everyday we are proud of Merak. It smells of summer and
flowers, and nothing makes us happier!
 Featuring Flora
We’re imagining the flowy spins of these dresses and the wonders they create! These greens and
pinks and some blues and lilacs have us going this summer! The flow lets the air in in all the right
Featuring Ivy
A method to madness: the tie and dye effect. Also our best seller from this collection, and we can definitely see why! The tie and dye reminds us there is beauty in chaos and something extraordinary came come out of the unknown.
Featuring Claire
These home-made prints are just as special to us as they look! A first for Ranng, we are inspired to keep working towards more such eye catching yet soothing prints. I mean, just look how trendy they are, why wouldn’t we!
Featuring Hera
So this summer, remember to keep it light, bright, be present and keep your attention to the details!

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