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Kaftans: Standing the test of time

What is flowy, beautiful, extremely comfortable, can be worn at a beach and at work alike? A Kaftan has not only proven to be trendy and chic but has also always surpassed as a straightforward and comfortable garment enjoyed by women of all sizes and age. The flowy vessel of a Kaftan gives you enough room to be who you are within it.

The origins of the Kaftan style are quite dated, coming up early among Arabs under the influence of Persian fashion. That is to say, this style was prevalent among the men of that era and has been throughout those years among Turkic states of Central Asia, the Ottomans, the Russians, Jewish, Northern Africans and made its way into the Western world as well. 

With the evolution of style over the years, men moved on from Kaftans, however, the beauty and comfort weren’t lot on women, and was promptly accepted. 

Why Women Love Kaftans

The Kaftans get their personality from lighter fabrics, playing with colours and prints. Be it floral patterns, ornate designs, multi-coloured prints or just simply adding bell sleeves with a V-neck, the possibilities of customizations are endless. It is because of the versatility that we adore Kaftans.

How to Style a Kaftan

The beauty of a Kaftan is that it can easily be dressed up or down, making accessorizing just as important as the outfit itself.  A favourite of many, Kaftans make for such a chic beach style. The breezy and light outfit proves to be the perfect beach cover-up. 

While at the beach, keeping it minimal with a crochet tote, shell jewellery and mules is the way to go for a laid back dressed down look. 

As for a day in the town, pairing it with a clutch or a tote bag, pointy-toed heels with statement gold or silver bracelet, would give your look the edge of grace and style. 

We are convinced that the Kaftan is an absolute summer essential- for a vacation or work alike. With the right sense of accessorizing, your chic level will be off the charts!

Kaftans, the Ranng way 

All Kaftans at Ranng have been designed with keeping your comfort in mind, with absolutely no compromise on style and grace. Check out our Kaftan collection here.

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