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My Lovely Lady Bump, Check It Out!

The carefully curated Maternity collection that stays with you during and beyond your pregnancy

With that lovely and nostalgic Black-Eyed Peas reference, we are so excited to share with you this collection, we so dearly celebrate women, their pregnancy, breastfeeding, comfort, and the overall magic of life! This collection represents well-being, comfort, ease, and the joy of life during a very special time of your life.

This collection was designed by a mother of two herself, from the heart. Hidden behind the comfortable, airy, and summery designs are carefully thought-out features, which make you feel seen and cared for as a pregnant woman, and a new mom.

Read on as we uncover said features-

Breastfeeding slit- What if we told you, your outfit’s functions just increased after you gave birth? Maternity clothes don’t have to go out of style.  

affordable maternity wear
maternity clothes online

Breastfeeding made quick and convenient with these zippers, you will never have to think twice when your baby screams food- in its own baby language, of course- when you’re out looking fashionable!

See products: Amelia, Gertrude, Dahlia, Viola, Wisteria, Hazel, Daffodil, Juno & Cathal.

Adjustable size- The bigger your little one grows in your belly, doesn’t have to mean a new wardrobe! The easy elastics at the back make your beautiful outfits fit easily throughout your pregnancy, from your first trimester to your third- and even after that.

stylish maternity wear
designer maternity wear in India

The wrap around style brings with itself a mix of chic and convenience.

See products: Amelia, Gertrude, Dahlia, Minerva, Zinnia, Hannah, Magnolia, Liana & Eden.

Prints- With breastfeeding, stains are inevitable, and we understand that. Prints are a genius alternative to easily hide that! With our unique, in-house prints, you get to look trendy while never having to worry about those breast milk stains.

Maternity wear near me
Maternity Dresses for women

See products: Liana, Jasse, Dahlia, Amelia, Magnolia.

Pregnancy formals- That pregnancy glow at an event is always going to take the cake, but your outfit would be a close second 😉

Affordable Maternity wear near me
designer maternity wear online price


Be it a fancy dinner, baby shower or your pregnancy photoshoot, these outfits will always have you turning heads!

See products: Aura, Abigail, Matilda, Pansy, Zinnia, Matilda, Arum Lily, Juno, Magnolia, Cathal, Jasse & Millie.


The best part about all these outfits is that they never have to go out of style, with or without pregnancy. So if you’re a mom-to-be, a new mom, a veteran mom, or even if you haven’t yet planned on becoming one, there’s something in this collection for all of you, we celebrate you all with comfort, ease, style and grace!
Now the only next logical step is to hop over to the website and see it for yourself!

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