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ReFashion- Transforming your perspective towards fashion

Sustainable Fashion - A new way of living.

Fashion industry is an ever evolving space with new trends, styles and fabrics every season, but do you know fashion waste is costing the global economy more than $400 billion every year, according to a recent World Economic Forum report.

With the pandemic hitting the world in unexplainable ways, taking away jobs, increasing expenditure on safety and health, demolishing the ideas of extravagant lifestyle it has also been an eye opener towards sustainability as consumers as well as retailers. 

A recent report says that about 62% of the Gen Z population is demanding sustainable retail. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle will help us de-clutter our closet and is the first step towards our conscious sartorial choices.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"
-Robert Swan
What makes Ranng a green and healthy brand?

Ranng by Vandna firmly believes that every small step towards sustainability today can turn into a milestone tomorrow . With just three steps we have managed to build trust among our customers for the past 26+ years

1. Made to order:

Overproduction makes the customer fall in the vicious buying cycle and creates the problem of waste with dead stock. Ranng eradicates this problem with a simple solution: made to order. This leads to better use of time, energy, raw materials and capital. It opens the room for inclusivity and customization for the customers and welcomes every shape, size and structure under one roof.

2. Eco friendly methods:

With the use of biodegradable textiles, like organic cotton, linen, crepe fabric with vegetable dyeing process, hand block printing, the collections are comfortable and sustainable. Reversible jackets with embroidery to sarees with patchworks, Ranng has everything a closet needs throughout the year. Margins provided makes it closer to your heart with every passing year.

3. Ethical work atmosphere:

To Ranng, sustainability starts with workplace. Every worker is a part of this family thriving towards this initiative of a better and healthy future and taking care of them is a part of building a team and taking this forward

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