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Tie & Dye, a Method to Madness

Tie-dye, the organized chaos, the beauty that it is, dates as far back as the 5th century. Different cultures discovered it throughout history over different times. Come 21st century, we have seen that this is a trend that refuses to go out of style, in fact it maintains its throne instead.

Across the globe, regardless of its time in history, the method of tie-dye has seen the light of day ranging from China in the far East till Peru in the far West.
Various cultures have various names for it. The method to madness remains the same. From Shibori of Japan, Batik Jumputan in Indonesia, Bandhani from Western India and Ikat as we know it, are all derivatives of this beloved technique.

Undeniably, tie-dye has stood the test of time. That’s something that goes hand-in-hand with slow fashion as well. As much as our love for the technique supersedes many others, it holds true to the values we believe in.

Celebrities have time and again been pictured in tie-dyes, be it a sweatsuit, a dress or even a bikini. Calling it versatile would be an understatement!

Some of our best-sellers happen to be tie & dye and there’s no surprise why!

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