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Your Ultimate Summer Fashion Guide

The days are warmer and the sun gloriously shines upon us! Summer may not be everybody's favorite season, but it makes a good excuse to revamp your wardrobe and get some perfect summer fits to keep you looking your best for this time of the year! This simple guide will help you make the right choices and ensure you're cool and comfortable throughout your day.

1. Protect yourself from the sun

We've heard it from our grandmas, and well, they were right! Always make sure to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t shy away from the sunblock, use scarves, or carry an umbrella! Scarves are the best way to protect yourself from the sun, as they make for a minimal fashion statement and could aid in vamping up your whole look!

2. Choose the right fabrics

The most essential step to keep in mind while picking the right outfit is to look at the material of your clothes. It is important you let your skin breathe in this weather. A good rule of thumb is to completely stay away from synthetics and opt for natural fibers instead. Give your denim a break too! Opting cottons instead will keep you cooler. Always choose lightweight, breathable fabrics!


3. Choose the right colors

Beat the heat by making the right color choices. Nothing screams summer like bright, beautiful colors with minimal patterns! It is also the perfect weather to stock up on pastel collections- they make for a great summery look and also ensure to keep you cool throughout the day! Explore a range of pastel and cool-toned outfits perfect for summer in Merak.

4. Ditch the full-sleeves

It is the season of sleeveless tops and off-shoulder dresses! There is no better time to experiment with different styles than now! A collared neck like Heather’s makes for a great classy formal look, while Daphne gives you the comfort of a jumpsuit and the look of a dress, perfect for a day out. Off-shoulders never go out of style, and dresses like Herpia are a perfect summer fits for a day under the summer sun! Still, don't hesitate to try out different sleeves with varied necklines!

5. Go for looser clothing.

It's comfortable and fashionable and will ensure you're all refreshed for a day outside in the summer heat! What other reason do you need to opt for looser clothing? This is the season that is all about the palazzos, flowy skirts and oversized tops. Outfits with an oversized top and wide-leg pants like our Zaria that features a loose top and palazzo pants are a good combination for hot and humid days. Kaftans are another perfect example of a loose summer fit. Our Poppy is a variant of the kaftan in a dress and is a must-have for this summertime.

6. Tie your hair up!

Styling your hair the right way can drastically change your outfit. However, with the heat on the rise, the safest way to protect yourself and your hair is by tying it up. It's time we listened to our mothers and braid up! Braided hairdos paired with off-shoulder sleeves make for a whimsical summer look and are a must-try. A bun or a high pony is a fun way to revamp your style while simultaneously keeping you sweat-free and fresh!

7. It's all about the dresses! Or something like it..

The classy summer dress is everyone's staple. It's time to give your denim a break and make way for dresses. Pick a length you find comfortable and go all out! Shirt dresses like our Iris dress never seem to go out of style and are a stunning outfit for almost any occasion. If you prefer something minimal and comfortable, opt for maxi dresses like our Amber which is simple yet pleasant. If a unique look is what you're going for, why not give a kaftan dress a go? Kaftan dresses, like our Skye, make for a bold fashion choice!

8. Play around with patterns

Summer is all about experimenting with colors and patterns. If bright, bold colors aren't your thing, play around with patterns instead! Tie-Dye is all in trend now, and dresses like our Ivy are fun patterns to experiment with. Don't shy away from florals or stripes either! This is the season for you to go all out.

9. Pick the perfect footwear!

Since this season is all about comfort and style, opt for footwear that goes easy on your feet. The classic flip-flops, while great for beaches, may not be your first choice when it comes to a day out. So, instead, opting for sandals or slip-on shoes would help keep your feet comfortable while ensuring you never go out of style! Sandals are extremely versatile and with newer options always popping up in the market, they are definitely here to stay for a long time. 

10. Accessorize

Finally, do not forget to accessorize. Rock a pair of sunglasses, or revamp your look with different scarves! Don't hesitate to experiment with jewelry. Earthy-toned jewelry has a strong summery vibe to it and is a must-have wardrobe staple. If your statement pieces are your thing, go ahead and style them! Fashion is a personal choice, and accessories are the best form of expression. 


Never forget that you are stunning exactly how you are and dress in a manner that brings out your best self this summer season.

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